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APSCo welcomes Digital Identity confirmation

by wrich gbaf

Monday, 27 December 2021
Responding to the news from the Home Office of a permanent shift to Digital Identity Right to Work
(RTW) checks from April 2022, Tania Bowers, Global Public Policy Director at the Association of
Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) commented:

“This is welcome news for the recruitment sector and is an example of another lobbying win for APSCo.
Having fed into the review we’re pleased that the Home Office has taken the decision to move to a
permanent Digital Identity RTW solution. The ability to digitally manage these checks during the
pandemic proved successful and we’re pleased to see that the progress made during this time hasn’t
been lost.

“The new Digital Identity option has a multitude of benefits. Not only does it have the capability to reduce
potential fraud through using sophisticated technology to verify documents, but it also removes the
geographical barriers that the traditional process presented to recruiters, employers and applicants.
Removing the need for in-person verification allows businesses to recruit from broader talent pools which
is crucial during a time of skills shortages.

“APSCo will be working with its members to guide them through the changes and to ensure they are
aware of what this means for them, their clients and candidates.”

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