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Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Continue To Make

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Successful cyberattacks can cost an organization more than just money. A breach in security may result in stolen customer data which can create reputational harm and distrust. Whatever product or service niche you’re in, taking the right precautions for the network is critical to mitigate risk.

One of the most common causes of cyberattacks is overlooked security awareness training.

Untrained employees are prone to falling victim to phishing scams and giving up their valuable information. It is recommended to offer educational seminars to instruct employees how to identify these threats and prevent them from infiltrating private information. The better educated your staff members are on malicious cyberattacks, the fewer mishaps the organization may face.

Since malware and other types of malicious software are constantly emerging, it’s vital to implement protection measures from the latest threats. If you lack high-end security software, all it takes is a few hours of vulnerability to compromise the entire network. It is also important to remember to update software. Updates may include important patches to protect against new attacks.

Most companies allow employees to use personal devices for work such as smartphones and tablets. However, these devices can pose a considerable risk if not managed correctly. A determined criminal can pursue access through many endpoints. When allowing staff to use personal devices on their network, be sure to put policies in place regarding password requirements, two-factor authentication and encryption.

Cybersecurity is a complex quest, but it’s necessary to keep your organization and staff information safe. Be sure to review below for more information about common cybersecurity mistakes businesses make.


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