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Get the Bank Account Number by Using Check – How to Search For It

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Find the Bank Account Number On Check: Is this one of those times when you are desperately looking for the bank account number of a friend or relative. Then, you start to search everywhere only to come across that all the bank account information in your list is already in the public domain. What a waste of time and money! You can save a lot of time by finding the bank account number by using check. It will definitely save you from spending more time searching in the internet.

Find your Bank Account number on Check: The easiest way to locate the Bank account Number is to search through your checks. However, most of the individuals fail to know which series of number is used for this purpose. As on a regular bank’s check there are 4 series of number available. So I am suggesting you how to find the Bank Account number by using a check?

First, check out the bank checks that have no name on them. Most probably, these checks are issued by another bank. If you have an acquaintance in that bank, you can ask him or her about this.

Second, check out the checks that have some sort of identification number attached to it. The number should be unique and not repeated. If you have an acquaintance with whom you don’t want to divulge your bank details then you can simply pick up a check book. Then, you need to make a note about the number on the check.

Third, search for numbers in the public domain. There are some directories available in the internet that will help you locate the bank account number on check. Search the number on the internet to search for its reference. In some case, you might get lucky and find that the number has been published in some paper. If the number is printed on a check then, you should take it to the bank for verification.

Fourth, you can go to your local bank and try to verify the bank account number on check. However, in case, if you failed to do so, you can try to check out the checkbook where the check number has been printed.

Fifth, you can contact the company that issued the check to the person who you are trying to locate the check number by mail. Most of the times, they would be able to locate the bank account number by check. However, some banks don’t print the number. But there are some small ones who print the number if they find that the number printed on the check does not match the number printed on the checkbook. So if you have this kind of situation, you can try to send a request to the bank.

Now, you can easily get the bank account number by using check. However, you must be careful while making use of these methods as it will be difficult to get rid of those nasty cheaters.

Sixth, you can use the service of credit card companies. Credit card companies usually give their customers the option of entering the bank account number on check for verification purposes. This will help you quickly find the information about the person that has borrowed the money from you.

Seventh, you can also try using the services of those cards that have the facility of searching your checking or savings account number. Some cards will let you search by bank account number even if you don’t have any checking or savings accounts. So, if you have a checking or savings account with such cards, you should look for the check number with these cards.

Eighth, you can also try using the online credit cards. There are some companies who allow you to search for the credit card holder on the net. For instance, the MasterCard will let you find the credit card holder of the person who has borrowed money from you. You can just enter the check number and wait for the results.

However, this is only a guide about the above mentioned method. You can also find many more ways to get the bank account number by using the above mentioned ways. But you should remember that you should always check the source from where you can get the information from.

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