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GYDE365-Discover, an application for quickly evaluating the business fit of Microsoft Dynamics 365, is now live on Microsoft AppSource

by wrich gbaf

4 August 2021

Seer 365 recently announced the availability of GYDE365-Discover, an online application for enabling companies to quickly evaluate the business fit of Microsoft Dynamics 365, on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

Seer 365 is helping improve the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation model, from system evaluation through to deployment, helping significantly reduce project costs, mitigate risks and accelerate implementations to deliver a greater return on investment for both customers and partners alike; all without compromising on quality. They do this by creating transformative applications that standardize, simplify and automate key activities at different stages of the implementation journey, the first of which to be released is GYDE365-Discover.

The traditional business applications selection process is both time-consuming and costly, typically taking several months and requiring significant resource investment from both customers and partners. With GYDE365-Discover, customers can quickly and confidently make an informed decision in just a matter of days, not months, as to whether implementing Dynamics 365 will give them the business tools and capabilities they need.

GYDE365-Discover provides a simple 6-step process that takes no more than 16 hours of a company’s time to complete. The result is a comprehensive Output Pack containing their business and system requirements, identifying how well standard Dynamics 365 will meet their needs, and where it doesn’t, providing a list of potential solutions that can address any gaps. Furthermore, the Output Pack provides implementation estimates and license costs, enabling customers to build a business case for Dynamics 365 with confidence, as well as providing the basis for a Request for Information (RFI) document to issue to prospective implementation partners for quotation purposes.

GYDE365-Discover empowers customers to take control of their system selection, whilst not only reducing the time required but also significantly reducing the cost of both internal and external resources. It’s available for a fixed price, typically a third of the cost of other methods.

Sam Dharmasiri, Chief Executive of Seer 365 explains, “We are relatively unique in the Microsoft Business Applications world in the fact that we empower both customers and forward-thinking Microsoft partners alike to achieve greater success. Although relatively new, Seer 365 was formed by bringing together some of the brightest and most experienced minds in the Microsoft Business Applications space, who, together, have been responsible for establishing and growing some of the most successful Microsoft Dynamics practices. Our applications embed the experience gained from thousands of system evaluations and implementation projects to help dramatically improve the way Dynamics 365 is implemented moving forwards. GYDE365-Discover is the first of several products coming to market in the next few months.”

Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re happy to welcome Seer 365 to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as GYDE365 from Seer 365 to help customers meet their needs faster.”

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