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Insurance Adjuster – An Overview

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An insurance adjuster is responsible for reviewing insurance claims in order to verify the company’s insurance coverage and determine if a claim is being made correctly or is being
denied due to any error on the part of the insured. The insurance adjuster is an agent that represents the company and is usually a licensed professional with the state’s insurance
department. If you are being sued for negligence or other claim related issues, you may be referred to an insurance adjuster for an initial meeting or review to evaluate your situation.
The basic function of an insurance adjuster is to ensure that the insured is not receiving too much coverage or too little coverage and to ensure that the insurance policy’s terms and
conditions are being followed. When an insurance adjuster finds any discrepancies between your actual claim and the insurance claim estimate that were given to you, this will serve as your
basis to make any necessary adjustments to the coverage to meet your needs. An insurance adjuster will interview both the claimant and witness and examine medical reports, police and
property damage reports, and inspect property damage in order to determine the level of liability of the insurance company. This is an important part of the job as the adjuster must be able to
clearly understand and provide documentation to the insurer of what occurred when you suffered the loss.

An insurance adjuster will also work closely with the claimant to determine exactly what compensation for the loss has been determined by the insurance company. After all of these
factors are considered, the adjuster will review the case in detail and make any necessary adjustments. This is not the time to ask your lawyer if you have any right to appeal the decision
since the adjuster cannot review the claim or review the appeals process before the jury decides the case.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of your insurance adjuster to visit the Department of Insurance’s website for more information. If you want to discuss your case with an insurance
adjuster, you may want to contact your state’s insurance department. You can also contact the Insurance Bureau of Bar Association, which is a consumer protection group.
The insurance adjuster will make their best effort to negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to reduce or eliminate your loss and is most likely employed as a team with the other
representatives from both parties. You are always the main representative and the adjuster will attempt to present your best case and your concerns about your loss to the insurer and convince
them to settle your claim.

Your claim could be denied or reduced because they do not believe you are financially responsible enough to pay the full amount of your claim. or they could also decide to pay a
smaller amount than you expected based upon your past financial situation. You can ask your insurance adjuster about the number of times they have declined your claim in
the past. They should be as honest as possible with you regarding their reasoning but you need to know the specific reason why they declined the claim. There are instances when the claim
was denied and there are also cases where they decided to deny your claim.

In order to be successful with your claim adjuster, you should be prepared for the adjuster to be as open and helpful as possible. They will not make assumptions and your questions should be
answered in an organized and consistent manner. It is important for you to remain calm, organized and professional throughout the entire process.


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