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Leadership for tomorrow is an initiative of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the only national organization in the United States that exclusively screens and evaluates all of the applications it receives for admission to the Masters of Business Administration program. The program, Leadership For Tomorrow, will be hosted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, which is the first step towards the admission process for the Master of Business Administration degree. This graduate degree will be necessary for those who are interested in pursuing leadership positions within the nonprofit, governmental, or corporate sector. Leadership for tomorrow is designed as a supplement to the MBA program of study, and is designed to complement the educational experience and training that is required by employers seeking candidates with executive management experience and an extensive background in management.

The program, Leadership For Tomorrow, will offer an executive MBA in strategic leadership for the public sector. This program will also include internship programs with leading business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The program will be offered in New York and Washington, DC. Leadership for tomorrow is designed to produce leaders who are dedicated to the cause of providing opportunities for high-quality business education for diverse populations across the United States and the world.

In addition to this Executive Management MBA, Leadership for tomorrow is also designed to provide applicants the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Strategy, and Public Policy. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree emphasizes practical management skills and prepares students for career advancement within the global economy. It also helps students prepare themselves to enter a professional career in the business field.

Students who participate in the Leadership for tomorrow program will learn to evaluate strategic issues, manage teams, plan, and organize, while focusing on a variety of areas in the private or public sector. Students will also have the opportunity to apply theory into practice by applying strategic models and techniques through their leadership style and management style. The program is designed to provide students the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully apply their learning to a variety of career opportunities in the business field. Leadership for tomorrow emphasizes learning from those already in the business, building relationships with the business community, and preparing students for leadership positions within the nonprofit or government sectors.

Joining forces with Yale SOM, this partnership is designed to increase minority representation in the executive management field. It is also designed to expand the number of minority members in leadership roles, resulting in greater diversity within the workforce. and an increased impact on the future of leadership within the United States and other countries.

The program will be taught at the Graduate School of Business at Yale University. The Leadership For Tomorrow website provides links to the program’s curriculum and application process. Other links to the website provide information about the partnership with GMAC. The program is being taught by Drs. David M. Lewis, James R. Murphy, and Joseph D. Perricone, who all hold Master of Business Administration degrees in Business Administration from Yale University and have significant business experience.

The program is designed to help students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful leaders in the nonprofit, governmental, and corporate sectors. The curriculum will be focused on four key areas – leadership theory, leadership skills, management theory, leadership management theories, and public policy and practice. The curriculum covers core courses such as leadership styles, leadership style, leadership development and managerial communication. Students will also receive courses that focus on leadership communication skills and leadership coaching, management and leadership, public speaking, social and psychological foundations of leadership, and public relations and communication.

The program is designed to give students the tools they need to create a career that offers future opportunities to themselves and their family. This will also enhance their professional and personal growth and allow them to reach their full potential. In addition to providing students with the theoretical knowledge to become future leaders, Leadership For Tomorrow also provides students with the practical knowledge they need to begin developing leadership skills as early as possible and to continue developing their leadership skills into the future.


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