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Passive Income Streams – Investing in Social Media and Online Bank Accounts

by gbaf

Building passive income streams on the Internet is not that easy. In fact, it can be downright frustrating at times. Most people out there are looking for some magic answer to generating passive income online, but there is no such thing. In order to have a passive income stream, you have to work hard first. But what if you could skip all the hard work and get right into earning passive income immediately?

Yes, it does take time and effort to begin building a passive income with online banking. The investment of time, money, and most importantly for many passive income streams, actual hard work! Over time however, as you stack on multiple passive streams, your money begins to snowball. This is known as “effects of duplication.” Here is how Graves says it goes on his blog:

“What I do best in life is create things that others will pay me for. That’s why I have had so much success in the physical world. The same principles apply to creating online passive income streams. If you are a shoestring operations type of person who wants to become rich, forget it. For me, the best way to do well financially is to build an Internet business that is not only profitable, but also applicable.”

Here is one example of how Graves describes the best reit listings for reit equity. He states: “There are now dozens of sites that offer stock listings that allow a person to get very substantial gains by investing small sums of money. These sites are geared toward the individual investor. They don’t require any investment from you beyond your time and computer. This makes them ideal for anyone who wants to make some money in the short term but is not ready to invest large amounts of money.”

How is passive income created through reit investments? Passive reit listings are created by companies such as Vista Equity Trust (established by Vista Equity, Inc.) that own and operate only websites. They are paid, instead of paid to you, when the stock prices of companies listed in their portfolios increase. For every six shares that you buy at a price of two dollars each, you earn one dividend payment.

In order to receive this dividend payment, however, you must maintain a minimum investment requirement of two hundred fifty dollars each and every year. The minimum requirement is an almost certainty, because most people who are creating passive income streams like to tell you that you can’t lose. The truth is that you can lose, but not for the long term with the best reit investment programs, even when you’re using a no-risk, no-dividend portfolio.

You must also understand that reit and other dividend stocks are riskier than many other types of investment. You could lose money on many, if not all of your portfolio holdings, but that is not the point. The point is that the returns are not equal. If your passive portfolio consisted of nothing but treasuries, callable stocks, and CDs at banks, you would earn a very low return. With that type of portfolio, you might as well be playing Russian roulette with a pack of hungry wolves.

The point is that you want to build a portfolio filled with investment grade, low risk investments that will produce high returns over time. If you want to achieve this feat, the passive income stream that I suggest is social media and online bank accounts. That way, you never have to worry about paying any taxes, because your dividends are tax exempt. You also never have to worry about the stock market or interest rates going up again. That’s why I believe that you should make social media and online bank accounts your primary long term investment strategies.


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