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Small Business Credit Cards – Tips on How to Choose One

by gbaf

If you’re a business owner who frequently makes purchases for your business, the Capital One Spark is probably the card that’s right for you. The Capital One Spark is a cash back card with no annual fee and a 12-month repayment schedule. This card is good if you make lots of purchases for your business. It has a zero percent APR and offers unlimited rewards.

The Capital One Spark is also one of the few business credit cards that offer cash back rewards. This means that when you use your card, you earn not only cash back, but actual cash. Cash for Business has many benefits, such as no annual fee, but the key feature is the cash back. The cash back allows you to earn cash back, which can be used to pay off business expenses. Cash back is one of the reasons that many businesses are choosing the credit card over cash. You can get a decent high reward rate with cash back, without any cap to how much you could earn.

Many business credit cards also offer some type of sign-up bonus. This can come in the form of an e-mail newsletter, or a monthly coupon or discount. These rewards can add up fast, especially if you are an avid shopper. Also keep in mind that the more you use your card, the better your reward’s rate will be. Also look out for annual fees. Many business credit cards charge annual fees that will really add up, especially if you use your card to pay off large debts.

The best business credit cards have the best sign-up bonus offer. The better the bonus, the better the cash back rate. Many business credit cards offer a no annual fee offer, and so you would be well off avoiding these. But don’t choose the first one you see. Compare different offers and find out who offers the best sign-up bonus categories.

Business credit cards that offer frequent flyer miles are a great deal for frequent fliers. The fees involved may be too high for some small-businesses, but if you travel often you may be surprised how much you actually save on fuel. Look for good airfare deals when comparing small-business credit cards.

Be sure to find out what type of rebates are included when using the credit card. Some cards only offer a small amount of cash back or a discount at the store for the purchases you make with the card. Other cards offer rebates on all the purchases you make. No matter which one you choose, make sure you know what types of rebates are available from the business card issuer. Some issuers only offer certain rebate categories, so be sure to find out which ones are offered with the card you plan to use.

A business score indicates how corporate the company is. This makes it easier for employers to tap into this funding resource. Businesses with higher business scores are seen as less risky to finance, which can be an important factor in getting the financing you need for your start-up. For this reason, be sure you check your personal credit report and score with the business bureaus to ensure you are treated fairly by the credit bureaus.

The information contained in this article is designed to be used for reference purposes only. It should not be used as, in place of or in conjunction with professional financial advice relating to small business credit cards, business lines of credit, personal loans or debt consolidation. For additional information or to receive an instant quote for your small business finances, please visit the internet website of a reputable credit bureau. There you will find a wealth of resources to assist you in purchasing the right business credit card for your needs.


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