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Space Management in Semiconductors to call for Electrostatic Chucks

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According to ESOMAR-certified Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global electrostatic chucks market is all set to witness a CAGR of 5.5% between 2020 and 2030.

Electrostatic chucks have the advantage of wafer planarity, particles’ reduction, and high reliability. They are indispensable as far as adsorption and heating/cooling of the wafers are concerned.

Of late, key market participants are making use of innovative techniques and coating technologies for providing electrostatic chucks with flat clamped surface. The enhancements include improvements in gas cooling, metal generation, high plasma erosion resistance, uniform thermal properties, and ultra-low particles. Entegris has such electrostatic chucks to offer. Likewise, there are innovative ways being devised to make the best of electrostatic chucks. This factor is, by no means, meant to let the electrostatic chucks market down in the forecast period.

How does the electrostatic chucks market go about?

Persistence Market Research (PMR) has walked through the electrostatic chucks market based on material, product, electrode, and application. Material-wise, it says ceramic and quartz. By product, it’s Coulomb type and Johnsen-Rahbek type. Electrode-wise, it’s bipolar and quadrupole. By application, it says wireless communications, semiconductor (CVD/LCD), medical, electronics, and others. Out of these, bipolar electrodes are preferred due to propagation of lab-on-a-chip systems being integrated with electrochemistry. Bipolar electrode also helps in separating, concentrating, and detecting analytes in the microelectrochemical systems.

By product, Johnsen-Rahbek electrostatic chucks are asked for as they make use of an attractive force that dielectric polarization induces. PMR states that Johnsen-Rahbek type of chucks are expected to hold more than 40% of the overall market share in the forecast period.

Coming to highly plasma-resistant ceramic chucks do well in a broad spectrum of the operating temperatures. Herein, internal electrode gets embedded for utilizing electrostatic force that is generated between silicon wafer and the structure on the whole. Flatness correction happens through these chucks. Mounting of silicon wafer also happens within no time. Quartz chucks are used where stability (in terms of temperature control) is on the anvil.


The Asia-Pacific is expected to be the highest revenue generator to electrostatic chucks market in the near future. This could be attributed to countries like India, Japan, and China being home to proliferation of mobiles and their apps.

Along the above-mentioned lines, Japan-based TOTO manufactures electrostatic chucks that are endowed with fabrication techniques having utmost precision, low backside contamination, and better durability. PMR has taken every effort to unleash the market potential herein.

From the Competitors

The key players in electrostatic chucks market, as mentioned by Persistence Market Research (PMR) include SEMCO Technologies, K-max Technology, NTK Technologies, Trek, SHINKO, KYOCERA, APS Materials, Calitech, and Invax Technologies. On the developments front, NGK Insulators Ltd. has come up with a plant at “Tajimi City” for ceramic electrostatic chucks. Mass production did start in the year 2020. Also, Shinko Electric Industries Co. Ltd. has its newly-constructed facility at ARAI plant for increasing production on part of ceramic electrostatic chucks to address the ever-increasing demand from semiconductor vertical.

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The Future

Persistence Market Research (PMR) has showcased its line of expertise by gauging the fact that the basic purpose of electrostatic chucks is that of decreasing exclusion of wafer edge. In other words, electrostatic chucks facilitate more number of chips to be made on every wafer. At the same time, PMR has also listed down a series of challenges like declamping and clamping time being unpredictable, insufficient clamping force, or even wafer temperature control. As such, various measures are being taken to conduct trials on this count. The future is expected to behold many such trials and changes likely to be incorporated accordingly. In all, PMR asks the market participants to be ready for turbulence in electrostatic chucks market.

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